Blenders Pride whiskey Price In Bangalore- 2022

Blenders Pride is a brand of Indian whisky, possessed by Pernod Ricard, and launched in 1995. It’s a mix of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malt and contains no artificial flavoring. It’s available in 5 different bottle formats (2 L, 750 mL, 375 mL, 180 mL). (1) GQ magazine described the whisky as” smooth and hoarse”, and gave it a standing of6/10.

So Lets start to get Blenders Pride whiskey Price In Bangalore:

Brand NameVolumePrice
Blenders Pride Whisky180ML365/-
Blenders Pride Whisky 375ML735/-
Blenders Pride Whisky 750ML1450/-
Blenders Pride Whisky 1 Ltr 1950/-

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Blenders Pride Whisky is perfect mix of taste with light aroma on the nose, contains gooey taste of peach and cherry which gives you the affable agreeableness in every belt along with smooth inflow and grain told finishing. A mix of Scotch Whisky and Indian grain spirit.

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